IFOA in October

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This is some hyperexcited early notice that I’ll be reading at IFOA this fall–a total teen dream come true. I’ll be reading Tuesday, October 27, 2015 and Friday, October 30, 2015. The program’s still shaping up but you can find all the details here.

Arc Confederation Prize

Arc cover
My poem, “Ballad of Blood Hotel” just won the Arc Poetry Magazine Confederation Prize, in Arc Summer 2015. The poem is in my book and will also be in the Best Canadian Poetry anthology coming out this fall. It’s about this really random time I was asked to help a friend-of-a-friend on a film about Bill Callahan, even though I didn’t have any experience. Or perhaps because I didn’t…

I love this new issue of Arc for reasons that have nothing to do with me–so many truly talented pals/forces of nature in there including Giles Benaway, Anna Swanson, Zachariah Wells, Shane Neilson, Pearl Pirie, Emily McGiffin, Phoebe Wang, and Kerry-Lee Powell. Bonus artwork by the supergreat Andrew Salgado.