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Reading dates for ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^

A few more readings before the end of the year, then I’m hibernating for real!

November 11, 2014
Toronto, ON
The Art Bar Reading Series, 7pm
Facebook event page here:

November 20, 2014
Hamilton, ON
Hamilton Poetry Centre
Prince Bookseller
More info here:

November 28, 2014
Toronto, ON
The Puritan Black Friday
Facebook event page here:
Loft 404, 7:30pm

December 1, 2014
Toronto, ON
Rowers Reading Series, Best Canadian Poetry night
The Central, 6pm

…and other, recent 2014  events here:

So. Things might change a bit with this, but my reading dates are shaping up in a pretty dreamtastic way. Some dates are with a grandmaster of Canadian poetry, Don McKay, whose collected works, “Angular Unconformity,” is coming out this fall from Goose Lane. I’m definitely the opener, there. Some of the other readings are with the frightfully talented Kerry-Lee Powell, who writes incredible poetry and fiction, and (unlike many people) is fantastic at both, as demonstrated by this and this. And other events are with other just as great poets, such as the one-and-only Michael Lista. As usual, with anything that happens for me, I am humbled and satiated by the fact that Bill Callahan has already named the feeling, as he did for how I feel: “I really am a lucky man.”

October 29, 2014
Toronto, ON
Book Launch! >>>>>>
Unlovable, 7pm
Facebook event page here:

October 28, 2014
Toronto, ON
Hart House Review party
Facebook event page here:
Arbor Room at Hart House, 8pm

October 24, 2014
St. Catharines, ON
Grey Borders Reading Series
Niagara Artists’ Centre
354 St. Paul St.

October 23, 2014
Kingston, ON
Novel Idea Bookstore, w/ Kerry-Lee Powell
Facebook event page here:

October 11, 2014
Hamilton, ON
Homegrown Hamilton, w/ Andrea Bennett

October 9, 2014
Wolfville, NS
Acadia University, w/ Don McKay

October 8, 2014
Halifax, NS
Saint Mary’s University, w/ Don McKay

October 7, 2014
Antigonish, NS
St. Francis Xavier University, w/ Kerry-Lee Powell

October 4-5, 2014
Fredericton, NB
Poetry Weekend

October 3, 2014
Fredericton, NB
Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Goose Lane Editions Gala 60th Anniversary Gala
Facebook event page here:

October 2, 2014
Saint John, NB
Lorenzo Reading Series, University of New Brunswick, w/ Don McKay
(More details on this series here.)

October 1, 2014
Moncton, NB
Attic Owl Reading Series, w/ Kerry-Lee Powell
Facebook event page here:

September 30, 2014
Toronto, ON
The Supermarket: Goose Lane 60th Anniversary Gala (Toronto Edition)
Facebook event page here:

September 27, 2014
Montreal, QC
Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore w/ Michael Lista, Shoshanna Wingate, and Kerry-Lee Powell
Facebook event page here:


Did you know I starred in the video for “Every Day Is Like Sunday”?

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.14.54 PM

JK but here’s an inteview where I admit my formative rabidity for all things Morrissey:

Don & Stevie


“So our publisher Goose Lane sent us on this tour and the idea was, it’s a study in contrasts. You know.
I’m male. Stevie’s female. Stevie’s young and hip. I’m old and…really, really hip.” — Don McKay


Photo by Wenmei Li, thank you!!!


Studs Terkel to James Baldwin, 1961: “Who are you, now?”

Baldwin: “Who, indeed. Well, I may be able to tell you who I am, but I am also discovering who I am not. I want to be an honest man. And I want to be a good writer. I don’t know if one ever gets to be what one wants to be. You just have to play it by ear and . . .    pray for rain.”


(Taken from this couldn’t-be-more-wonderful piece.)

All Lit Up

So, there’s a great new initiative launched here in Canada, called All Lit Up, which is an independent, online retail space for book buying. Of course, your local bookstore is a great way, too, but they can’t necessarily stock everything, or you may not even live close to one, etc. It’s a beautiful and easy to navigate space where you can browse all kinds of Canadian books, from a range of publishers.

Here’s a link to the listing for my book:


Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 7.33.50 PM

How to say the title of my book, ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^

^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ on 49th Shelf’s Most Anticipated list

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.43.52 AM

Read more here:






Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.36.47 AM


You can pre-order here:


“I think about going to work a lot, clocking in. I think about going on my lunch break. Not being able to eat lunch because I didn’t have no money. Bumming cigarettes from people walking by me on the street. I think about sleeping on people’s couches and not being bummed out about it because I knew I was on a quest and I knew God was testing me. I didn’t mind it at all. I think about a lot of those moments, man. I don’t think about the darkness much because the darkness doesn’t benefit my future. But in order to start over, I had to go back and think about a lot of moments where it all began.”

—Kid Cudi



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